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Once across the channel there are a number of route from Calais, Newhaven, Le Havre, Ouistream, Cherbourg, St. Malo, Bilbao or Santander Once you have decided on a destination you can plane you route using one of the online route planners such as; AA, RAC, Michelin and Mappy. On route stops can be booked via CHEZ NOUS or you can try ACCORD HOTELS

Three Route Suggestions

There are, of course, many ways of driving from the north of France to the area around Perpignan. It is perfectly possible to avoid the auto routes altogether and drive all the way on the French Routes Nationales, the ‘N’ roads. However you should allow perhaps at least one extra day for your journey each way if this is your choice. Should you chose to travel wholly or largely on the auto routes then we can suggest three main routes which you could take. All three routes assume the French starting point is Calais but, of course, can be adapted should you take another route across the Channel. A good road map of France is always useful for this journey, particularly if you want to stay off the main routes, and the Michelin Motoring Atlas of France has always served us well, particularly as it links with the Michelin Red Guide for hotels and restaurants.

Route 1 (Calais, Reims, Dijon, Lyon, Montpellier, Perpignan, Le Boulou)

This route avoids Paris, altogether. Starting from Calais it takes the A26 to Reims where there is a short section on the A4 before reverting to the A26  just south of Troyes. Here you take the A5 east until you reach the A31 where you take the southbound A31 in the direction of Dijon. South of Dijon the road becomes the A6 until you are just north of Lyon. Here you should take the easterly motorway, bypassing Lyon, (mostly the A46) following signs to Marseille. You will then join with the A7 south of Lyon and stay on it until  Orange where you will take the A9 to Montpellier and Barcelona. The A9 will take you all the way to Le Boulou ( last. exit in France)

Route 2 (Calais, Paris, Orléans, Clermont-Ferrand, Millau, Perpignan, Le Boulou)

This route involves a close encounter with, at least, the outskirts of Paris. In this route you will take the A26 as far as the A1 where you will follow the south bound A1 towards Paris. You will stay on this until shortly after passing Charles de Gaulle airport where you will take the A3 to the east of Paris. You will then turn off the A3 onto the A86 which will continue to take you around the east of Paris. Eventually you will pass just north of Orly airport and soon afterwards take the A6 south until the next junction where you will follow signs to the A10, soon afterwards arriving on the A10 going south in the direction of Orléans. Just to the west of Orléans turn off the A10 onto the A71. This motorway will take you to Clermont-Ferrand where you will join the A75. The A75 (Toll free) but much improved with the opening of the new bridge at Millau, The southern end is still under construction part of the route will be on N roads, the route takes you to the A9 motorway, where you continue southwards towards Perpignan and on to Le Boulou ( last. exit in France)

Route 3 (Calais, Paris, Orléans, Poitiers, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Perpignan, Le Boulou)

This route is the same as route 2 from Calais via Paris until Orléans where you then continue on the A10 past Tours and onwards to Bordeaux. At Bordeaux you take the A62 as far as Toulouse where you then take the A61 (signed to Montpellier). This will take you onto the A9 where you take the south bound direction to Perpignan,  leaving the A9 at the Le Boulou (last exit in France)

Ltravel mape Boulou to Le Paloumé - about 40 minutes drive.

At LE BOULOU, on the junction of the D115 with the N9 (trunk road) and A9 motorway, take the D115, passing through CÈRET, AMELIE LES BAINS and ARLES SUR TECH.  at PAS DE LOUP, TURN LEFT ON TO THE D3 until you reach LA FORGE DEL MITG.
Here take the FIRST LEFT TURN, a sharp 180 bend, where there is a sign to LE PALOUMÉ and continue along this road for approx. 3 Km. until you see a sign on the road LE PALOUMÉ - FERME BIOLOGIQUE, 200 metres further on you will come to our house, which adjoins the road.

From Figueres to Le Paloumé - about an hour

If you are on the A17 motorway, going north, leave it at Figures South exit. Take the N11 towards France At the junction with GI 503 via Darnius, Macanet, Tapis, into France, Coustouge, St. Laurent de Cerdans and at Forge del Mitge there is a sign to LE PALOUMÉ. Take this road for approx. 5 Km. until you see a sign on the road LE PALOUMÉ - FERME BIOLOGIQUE, 200 metres further on you will come to our house, which adjoins the road.