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Le Paloumé



Le Paloumé
 Mediterranean Pyrenean Cottages

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We are often asked how we found this very special place. Tucked away in the Haute Vallespire in a high valley in the most southerly part of France. A completely unspoiled area of outstanding beauty & tranquility, it is within walking distance of Spain and only an hour from the Mediterranean

Situated 725 meter’s above sea level we enjoys blue skies and sunshine for an average of 310 days a year. The farm consists of 120 organic acres a quarter of which is mainly wild flower & hay meadows for our flock of sheep, the rest is mixed deciduous woodland sheltering wild boar & main other animals. It provides richly diverse habitats for birds, butterflies, rare flowers and wild mushrooms

Mas Le Paloumé is a typical Catalan farmhouse built from honey coloured local stone with parts dating from the 6th. Century

We moved here (with our 3 sons) in Feb. 1992 and since have only left for holidays, So we have lots of local knowledge that we are happy to share.

We produce most of our own fruit, veg., nuts, eggs and meat, We have geese, ducks, chickens, sheep, 4 cats and a dog. All animals are “free-range” and enjoy a natural healthy life, at all times they are treated with affection and respect. We have chicks, ducklings and lambs most of the year - it’s wonderful experience for to touch a newly hatched chick and see how the mother hen cares for it.

The woodland edge is a great place to play - trees to climb, the den (mentioned before) always requiring rebuilding or extending, And Rosie usually wants a walk.

From Le Paloumé one can walk for miles in any direction on well marked footpaths. The trans-Pyrénéan footpaths, GR10 and HRP pass nearby. There is also much of interest only a short stroll away - a Catalan Chateau, a lovely old mill and our waterfall (when it rains!)

One can really feel uplifted and refreshed.

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